När facebook var nere

Kommer ni ihåg för ett par veckor sen när facebook låg nere i typ 20 minuter? Jag ramlade över de här fraserna och det är verkligen sanningen i vitögat!

I broke into a friends house to look through holiday photos

I just gave people a thumbs up when I didn’t want to talk to them.

I wasn’t able to cure any terminal diseases with likes.

I almost forgot what a Starbucks looked like..

I had to go around giving people a thumbs up when I liked something.

I asked people to describe their food to me

I had salesman at my door asking me if I wanted to play candy crush

I didn’t have a clue what the weather was like

I nearly cried cos I couldnt upload a picture of my breakfast…

I went into town poking people

no one was wished a Happy Birthday.

I didnt leave the house as I couldn’t tag myself at different places

I forgot what your child looked like.

I rang all my friends and asked them to tell me when they got to the gym.

Hahahaha ja mina kära vänner, trots att vi skrattar åt det så är det! Ha en bra osocial sommar! Puss och kram från Fourfinger!



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